it works for me when i invoke it on a tooltip script i created that listens 
on classnames .. even when new elements are introduced onto the dom via an 
ajax call the behaviour is expected and the tooltips work as normal ..

But my page more than likely differs from yours so the best way is to try it 
and see

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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Re: In a bind...

> 2008/11/6 Alex Mcauley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> James. I would suggest running a different listener on the 'li.clickinc'
>> elements ... try something like this ..
>> Event.observe(window,'load',function() {
>>    $$('li.clickinc').invoke('observe','click',function(e) {
>>         $('dmain').update('Updated text after clicking on ';
>>    });
>> });
>> Put it in the browser head of the page you want to watch ....
> That won't work though will it, since none of the li.clickinc elements
> will be available to invoke at that point? I have tried the above as a
> test when I included the li.clickinc statically in the page and that
> worked fine.
> -- 
> James Hoddinott
> >

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