have you tried onComplete()
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> 2008/11/5 Alex Mcauley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> another thought is that onSuccess isnt being fired ...
>> Try to onSuccess: function(evt) {
>> alert(evt.responseText); and see if it reposnds with some html or 
>> whatever
>> your php script is echoing
> I tried that one :)
>>> By adding an alert() to the
>>>onSuccess function I was able to see that the function does get called
>>>but I think it still stalls on the invoke line.
> I'm beginning to be convinced that the problem is that the onSuccess
> function is being called too soon and therefore the elements are being
> observed before they are available in the DOM.
> Walter's post gives me some food for though on this, I think I shall
> cobble together something akin to that and see if that works.
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> James Hoddinott
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