Hey all,
We've been using Prototype for a few years now, always staying up-to-
date with the latest versions and never have really run into any major
memory leaks. We recently integrated Prototip2 into our product
( http://www.nickstakenburg.com/projects/prototip2/ ) and at the same
time we have now started having major problems with memory leaks in
IE7. By major, I mean leaking approximately 2MB for every page

I have contacted Nick (author of Prototip), but he has pointed at
Prototype as the source of our leaks, so I figured I'd post here to
see if anyone else is either using Prototip and has experienced
similar issues or maybe can agree with Nick that the problem is indeed

Obviously in a large application with lots of JavaScript, there can be
a variety of sources to cause memory leaks and we certainly didn't
rule our own code out as the culprit until A LOT of testing.

Using a memory inspection tool such as Process Explorer, if you
navigate to the Prototip2 demo page (linked above) while using IE7,
every time you refresh the page you should see the memory usage
increasing by approximately 2MB per refresh. I cannot reproduce this
leak on other sites that are using only Prototype (no Prototip).

It was recently brought to my attention that the Element cache in
Prototype does not get cleared out on page unload, so I added code to
do just that. Unfortunately, the leak persists.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. We have spent a lot of
man hours on this already with several developers and are no closer
now at solving it then when we started. It's extremely frustrating to
say the least.

Thanks guys,

ps, we are using Prototype and Prototip Due to some
incompatibility issues, we cannot run the more recent version of
Prototip at this point.
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