Hey kangax,
I just cloned prototype's git source, ran the tests to generate the
HTML test files, then edited the _destroyCache() method to include the

for (var element in Element.cache) Element.cache[element] = null;

(it already includes code to stopObserving all events)

I then loaded up dom_test.html in IE7, with process explorer running,
and refreshed the page 10 times. Initially the memory went up after a
refresh (the first 2 refreshes, memory increased) but then every
refresh after that created no change whatsoever in memory. See below
image (the spikes in the CPU Usage are page loads). You can see that
over time, the memory doesn't even dip down when the page is being
redrawn. Compare that to the previously linked memory usage charts on
the Prototip demo page.


Thanks for your help

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