There's a couple of issues with PHP configuration related to file
uploads you should be aware of :

1. Limitations on script execution time

First limitation is on "input" time (max_input_time) - that is, how
much time is spent receiving information. Default value is 60s.

Second one is on script execution time (max_execution_time) and is

These values can be changed with set_time_limit() (
function.set-time-limit) but only if PHP is not running in "safe

2. Limitations on upload size

There are 2 options, which seem to be both relevant: post_max_size and
upload_max_filesize - values tend to differ greately from host to

You can figure out settings for your partiular host with phpinfo().

One option to overcome these limitations is to use a perl script on
the receiving end. On some hosts this allows for check the upload
progress too - tho not on mine :)

Hope my comments have been of help,
- Baglan

On Jan 16, 7:04 pm, "jason maina" <> wrote:
> Im using php/mysql on the back-end
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