Jan Hansen wrote <snip>:
> *What is - in your opinion - the main argument for using prototype in
> favour of jQuery?*
> - please, no "I like it better"-answers. Heck, even *I* like prototype
> better myself for some reason. And I've never really worked with
> jQuery. But I need arguments. Facts. Benchmarks. Comparisons.
> So, what say ya?
I have worked with both Prototype and jQuery and I must say I very much
prefer Prototype as the way it dose things seam much more intuitive to
me than the way jQuery dose.
I also fine the Prototype and Scriptaculous documentation easier to read
and use.

My largest reason for preferring Protoype though is that it gives you
the tools you need to write your own javascript classes and extend the
DOM simply and easily without the hassle web browsers.


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