I wouldn't depend of the w3schools stats at all. After all, the site
is for developers, not the average user.

In general, I agree with Pete.

On Feb 10, 5:05 am, Jeztah <webmas...@thecarmarketplace.com> wrote:
> I am writing a site that uses heavy prototype libraries +
> scriptaculous + jQuery ...
> The issue i am having is a simple one ....
> The site is marketed on its ease of use due to certain techniques ive
> developed but they rely on Javascript and wont work without it.... The
> site still functions without javascript but some core functions cannot
> be achieved .. by this i mean someone can still browse the site and
> search it and do alot of things.
> So ive gone down the thinking process of redirecting people wihtout
> javascript enabled or no javascript to a page on my site telling them
> to enable javascript....
> Now i know this is a big concern to alot of web developers as the norm
> (mostly for me aswell) is make a functioning site then enhance the
> Users Experiance with ajax/js technologies .... But my feeling is if
> people dont start to force the issue of requiring javascript then the
> web wont evolve into what it could become....
> As of January 2008 95% of the browsers in the world had Javascript
> turned on see herehttp://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp
> .. and i am personally not bothered about the 5% that dont .. i also
> know of a few major websites that demand javascript be turned on to
> enter them .
> So my questions are ..
> A. Should we as developers be taking these leaps of faith and
> demanding a better development environment for our client side
> programming.
> B. Would googlebot and other Search Engines follow my <noscript>
> header redirect !!
> Hopefully this wont get flamed to much !!
> Thanks in advance
> Alex
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