On Feb 10, 8:29 pm, Lars Schwarz <lars.schw...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well, it's like fixing IE6 bugs. i mostly double-code functions like
> form-checks that are
> done pre-posting in javascript, to be checked again on server side
> again for the case
> javascript is turned off.

The reason to check on the server isn't because scripting might be
disabled, but because your server can't possibly know how the response
was generated.

> if you can't "double-code" some functions make sure the most important
> work without
> javascript, too. seperate necessary functions and effects you've done.
> in most cases
> it's no problem if some effects don't work, but make sure basic
> functions like form-validations
> or whatever you call basic-functionality on your project works with
> javascript disabled.

Yes, absolutely.  I find it contradictory that some pursue a strategy
of separating HTML and script, make their site utterly dependent on
scripting.  One result is that they have no recourse to simple HTML
when all else fails.

> on the other hand (really depends on your project) it's ok inform the
> user that he has to turn
> on javascript to make the site work.

That is usually only appropriate on an intranet or special purpose
site (e.g. banking or share trading).

> i guess it's a matter of taste. i remember sites warning the user if
> he used an old browser,
> or sites that alert users that "this site is optimized for <insert
> browser name> here". i prefer
> sites that make use of standards and work on (nearly) all browsers.

Yes.  Forcing the use of scripting on the general web is akin to both
those outdated strategies.

> turn off javascript, visit some sites you think are "state-of-art" and
> see how they handle it :)

I use NoScript always and only allow the scripts that are absolutely
necessary to use a site to run (mostly none at all).  I have yet to
find a reason to allow adsense or google-analytics to run.

> imho: have some kind of fallback and make sure basic
> functionality/validations/checks work,
> but don't care about visual effects working without javascript. just
> my 10 cents.

I'd second that.

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