On Mar 21, 10:22 pm, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> @RobG:
> > Then that is a bug in IE 8.
> It _may_ be.

If the OP's statement:

> > On Mar 20, 6:18 am, masterleep <bill-goo...@lipa.name> wrote:
> > > OK, I found this particular one... if you call
> > > input_elem.readAttribute('value');
> > > on an input element, and the value is equal to the empty string, then
> > > in IE8 the result is null.

is taken at face value, and the version of Prototype.js being used is (which is still the "latest stable version" published on
prototypejs.org), it is very likely a bug in IE 8.

>  Half the point of readAttribute it that it "...cleans up
> the horrible mess Internet Explorer makes when handling attributes"[1]

In this case the OP is dealing with the value attribute, which is not
one of the properties that readAttribute does anything with - it just
calls getAttribute, even for IE.

> and consequently it does a *lot* of processing around the getAttribute
> call, including (in trunk) several IE8-specific branches.

That is a consequence of trying to write a general wrapper for
getAttribute, which is known to be buggy.  Why not just forget get/
setAttribute altogether?

>  Always
> possible that that code isn't handling something right.  Equally, it's
> entirely possible that there's a (new) bug in IE8. :-)

It might be new in the context of all versions of IE, but it can
hardly be a new bug in a browser that hasn't been released yet. ;-)

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