Ok this onDrop function does the following:

$result = $this->mMysqli->query('INSERT INTO #1sortable SELECT * FROM
#2sortable WHERE id="' .
           $content . '"');
   $updatedList = $this->Build#1();
   return $updatedList;

onDrop it's cloning a row from one table to another. It's doing a
MySQl query:

INSERT INTO #1sortable (inserts a row of the dropped item (my sortable
is driven by MySLQ database, so each sortable item has it's own "row"
in the "table") inside of a #1 sortable "table").

SELECT * FROM #2sortable (it selects the row from #2 "table" (the #2
"table" is the second sortable list which is driven by MySQL

WHERE id="' . $content . (it's what it's copying).

$updatedList = $this->Build#1();
return $updatedList;      After cloning is done, the sortable list
updates (rebuilding the list).

On May 28, 3:40 pm, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
> I have not been able to get this to work the way you describe. What I  
> had to do was set up my "factory" elements as Draggable (with revert)  
> and then set a separate Droppable container around my sortable. When I  
> drop, the onDrop function fires, which does the Ajax call to create a  
> new element, then that element is appended to the end of the sortable  
> and the sortable is re-initialized so that it recognizes the new member.
> I understand what you want to do, but I wasn't able to make it work  
> precisely the way you describe it here.
> One thing for you to think over as you work on this is to do less. For  
> example:
> >        $result = $this->mMysqli->query('INSERT INTO tasks SELECT *
> > FROM channels WHERE id="' .
> >                                        $content . '"');
> >        $updatedList = $this->BuildPlaylist();
> >        return $updatedList;
> I can't see what's going on in here, but if you are returning (and re-
> populating) the entire list, maybe you can simply return the one new  
> list element (with its newly generated ID) and insert that into your  
> Sortable where you are dropping (which is the part I couldn't figure  
> out myself, hence my punt). You do know the new ID after your insert  
> -- just get the value from your $result:
> $row = mysql_fetch_object($result);
> $id = $row->id;
> Build up your element as HTML, and insert it into the outer list with  
> Element.insert('theElementYouDroppedAfter',{after:yourHTML});
> then just re-run Sortable.create with the same arguments as previous,  
> and it will tear down the old Sortable (in memory) and replace it with  
> a new one that "knows" what order these things are currently in.
> Walter
> On May 28, 2009, at 7:13 AM, WLQ wrote:
> > After it clones a row from one table to another, the list updates. But
> > I want not only to clone an item, but also give it a corret Id, so
> > it's not somewhere inside of a sortable but exactly where you've
> > dropped it.
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