The script contacts the database through the Ajax.Request system in  
Prototype. I can't find the code I posted to you, but all that part  
was in there, I think. It sends a POST to the server with the type of  
item that was dropped, and the server replies by first making a new  
item of that type and then returning the database ID generated in the  

What I'd like you to do is post what you have tried on Pastie or jsbin  
(if the latter, you can mock up the Ajax.Request part and see it  
running, but changing the POST to GET and requesting another jsbin  
page that just returns text).

I need to see what you're trying before I can suggest another route  
for you to take.


On May 25, 2009, at 12:04 PM, WLQ wrote:

> Yeah, but what I don't understand is how your script connects with a
> database, I mean what are the cart, timeline, cart-active... are? I've
> noticed we have some trouble understanding one another, can we talk
> somewhere like msn?

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