Seems like I can't connect your script, I made to divs with cart and
timeline. But nothing happens, can you tell me what else to create
apart of javascript?

On 24 Maj, 18:45, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:
> Could you post an example of what you're trying to run on Pastie or  
> jsbin and indicate what errors you're seeing in Firebug? I extracted  
> the code I posted from a working page, but I may have messed some  
> things up in trying to simplify it as an example (removing locally  
> important things that would only be confusing for your use-case).
> Walter
> On May 24, 2009, at 11:56 AM, WLQ wrote:
> > I can't get your script to work, don't know why...
> > On 5 Maj, 20:21, Walter Lee Davis <> wrote:
> >> You have to ask the database for the next ID by creating a new record
> >> and reading its response. That's what the Ajax Request bit was in my
> >> example. When you drop, it asks the database for a new widget, and
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