Yes, that very limited case is simple. What WLQ is trying to do is  
have two lists of things, be able to drag an unlimited number of  
copies from the first list into the second list, and have the dropped  
elements keep their place in the second list while the first list  
remains exactly the same.

Dragging an element out of the first list will not reduce the number  
of "template" elements in that list, each time you drag one out, it  
goes back for the next time. A copy (with a new unique ID) of that  
template will be inserted into the second list, where it will join the  
sortable, remember where it was dropped, and so forth.

It's quite difficult to pull off when you cover all of those bases. I  
do know those three lines you refer to -- but they don't cover  
everything that the OP wants to do.


On May 28, 2009, at 11:24 AM, Alex McAuley wrote:

> If all you are trying to do is update a table on a droppable to  
> remeber the
> order then its so simple you can do it in about 3 lines .....

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