Sorry, but it's still not working for me.

I have my main page as it initially loads with this in the <HEAD>

<script language="javascript"
var ipeManager = {
    editors: {},
    addOrReplaceEditor: function(id, url, size, paramstr){
        var eds;
        eds = this.editors;
        if (eds[id]) {
            delete eds[id]; // Or: eds[id] = undefined;
        eds[id] = new Ajax.InPlaceEditor(id,url,{size: size,callback:
function(form, value) {return paramstr + escape(value);}});

Then, in the body of the document is the keyword list:

<div id="kwdisp0101">A keyword</div>
...a bunch of other stuff...

<div id="kwdisp0102">Another keyword</div>
...a bunch of other stuff...

<div id="kwdisp0103">Yet another keyword</div>
...a bunch of other stuff...

The content called in by ajax is basically a copy of the keyword list,
and has exactly the same structure and IDs as the list above.

On loading the initial page it works fine, but when the ajax content
has replaced the original list, it no longer works. No Firebug errors,
no nothing.

Did I miss something out?

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