At 11:21 -0400 22/8/09, bill wrote:
>$('messageProcessForm').observe('submit',function(event) {
>new Ajax.Updater('showMessageDiv', mail/process_message.php, {
>         parameters:  $('showMessageDiv').down('form').serialize(true),
>         onFailure: function(response) {
>          alert ("mail.js: failure to submit form - getmessage");
>         }
>     });
>Event.stop(event); // will stop it doing its default action!
>the error changes to:
>Error: missing ) after argument list
>Source File: 
>Line: 36, Column: 1
>Source Code:
>  ^
>As far as I can see the parens and brackets are balanced

Nope - just loaded this snippet into BBEdit which has a very handy 
facility for seeing whether pairs of brackets (of all types) are 
balanced. You have no closing ) to match the ( after '.observe'. In 
fact you need a ');' at the end of the whole thing.

And btw, shouldn't mail/process_message.php be in quotes?

Cheers... Chris
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