I have been using prototype for a few months now, and so far I have enjoyed the 
functionality that it brings.

However, I have noticed that it's speed is lacking. This makes me tentative to 
use prototype for a rather large project that I have been planning. To confirm 
this, I ran the tests from http://mootools.net/slickspeed/ by checking out the 
project from SVN, and used the latest versions of all of the frameworks listed. 
Prototype and mootools consistently finished at the bottom, which concerns me a 
little. After looking at the results I have been seriously considering 
switching to JQuery, although I am disappointed at their lack of OOP support.

Is there any plans in the future to improve on prototype's speed?

Also has there been a tentative release date set for scripty2? I'm reluctant to 
develop anything that heavily uses scriptaculous, since it appears scripty2 is 
in alpha state, although it has been that way since June.


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