I have drag-snap-offset problems when dragging between Sortables.

My application involves dragging people from the 'available employees
list', on the right, to projects the person has applied for.
(unavailable targets are dimmed on drag start.)

Have a look at it here:


  username: gg
  password: gg

There seem to be 2 positioning bugs:

1) scrolling the main window causes weird offsets between the dragged
item and the snap-location in droppables.
2) scrolling within the 'available employee list' (when many employees
available) causes a similar problem.

Things work well only if when both of these are scrolled all the way

Note that the 'available employee list' has position:fixed and is
draggable itself (grab at top) !

So far, I have tried dragdropextra.js  and o few other patching
suggestions, without success :(

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I am using using the latest version of scriptaculous, 1.8.2 i think

I have ghosting off, and i manually clone a person dragged out of the
'available employees list' back into it if he or she is still
available for other projects, among other caveats. I suppose i could
turn ghosting on and deal with these things differently, if that helps
solve the offset problem.

the sortables are created on the fly (li onmouseover).

 Sortable.create() code snipplet:

        if(targets.length<2) return;

        for(i=0;i<targets.length;i++) {

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