Hi everyone,

well, I'm still stuck with this.
I guess this isn't the right place, but I am eager to get an offer if
anyone thinks they are capable of tweaking scriptaculous (or fixing
this in whatever way). Where can i find the prototype/scriptaculous
cracks that will dig into this for some $$?

Thanks, Martin

On Mar 28, 3:09 pm, Martin <mu.smartbri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have drag-snap-offset problems when dragging between Sortables.
> My application involves dragging people from the 'available employees
> list', on the right, to projects the person has applied for.
> (unavailable targets are dimmed on drag start.)
> Have a look at it here:
> ->http://www.qasmartbr.nine.ch/unico/smartbridge/hr/indexgrp.php?action...
>   username: gg
>   password: gg
> There seem to be 2 positioning bugs:
> 1) scrolling the main window causes weird offsets between the dragged
> item and the snap-location in droppables.
> 2) scrolling within the 'available employee list' (when many employees
> available) causes a similar problem.
> Things work well only if when both of these are scrolled all the way
> up!
> Note that the 'available employee list' has position:fixed and is
> draggable itself (grab at top) !
> So far, I have tried dragdropextra.js  and o few other patching
> suggestions, without success :(
> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> --Martin
> I am using using the latest version of scriptaculous, 1.8.2 i think
> I have ghosting off, and i manually clone a person dragged out of the
> 'available employees list' back into it if he or she is still
> available for other projects, among other caveats. I suppose i could
> turn ghosting on and deal with these things differently, if that helps
> solve the offset problem.
> the sortables are created on the fly (li onmouseover).
>  Sortable.create() code snipplet:
>         if(targets.length<2) return;
>         for(i=0;i<targets.length;i++) {
>                 srtbls[i]=$(targets[i]);
>                 Sortable.create(targets[i],
>                                  {dropOnEmpty:true,
>                              containment:targets,
>                              constraint:false,
>                              scroll:window,
>                              }
>                 );
>         }
>         li.style.cursor='move';

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