Thanks very much for taking the time to investigate and for your
insightful suggestions.  I am totally swamped working on other
features now, but am adding your items to the todo list.  These items
will appear in doc/todo.txt of the distribution.

On Aug 12, 9:37 am, Eric <> wrote:
> Hi Blaine,
> And thanks for sharing this.
> If I may make a couple of remarks for next version :
> - for the columns sorting, use "mouseup" instead of "mousedown": It
> will react like other sortable controls, and this should allows you to
> not sort the table when user want to drag the column.
> - the nested rows feature is great but the visual feedback can be
> confuse to average web user. Perhaps using little "+" and "-" like
> tree node extension buttons (or whatever new thing is used in tree on
> new OSes). Once the rows are visible, perhaps your "Ext" column could
> contains a vertical line joining all expended rows (like Excel does).
> - also it would be nice if while editing, the tab key could validate
> the changes and open for editing the next column.
> ...
> Eric

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