I don't often post here, but I've been using Prototype extensively for
the last 6 months.  Not a day goes by when I don't say something to
myself along the lines of "Thank God for Prototype".  Perhaps, had I
started with J-Query, I'd have said the same thing about it - but I
didn't, and I'd like to continue with Prototype.

It could very well be the Prototype developers are: bored, busy,
broke, out of ideas, or any combination.  Maybe instead of just saying
things like we'd like Prototype to be more popular and do more things
in less space, and be more relevant, etc, someone should create a wish-
list page, with a prominent 'Donate Here' button.  I don't work for
free and don't expect others to either.  (I just checked and
Prototype's web page does not have a donate button).

Programmers all like a challenge, so if we as users can come up with
concrete wishes for Prototype then perhaps the developers will take up
the challenge.

And, Thank God for Prototype!

On Mar 14, 10:34 pm, Jason <jwestbr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree and would like to see Prototype start returning to the
> forefront as the powerful JS library it is

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