On 28 March 2011 11:48, T.J. Crowder <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
>> What the future will be Prototype and script.aculo.us
>> if my future developers want to choose only one library.
>> Which should we choose for future ? and why ?
> Predicting the future is a mug's game. Right now, jQuery is huge. It
> has corporate sponsors, full-time staff, a massive userbase, and a lot
> of momentum. Prototype doesn't have corporate sponsors or full-time
> staff, I _think_ the userbase is rather smaller (but I don't have
> numbers for that and there are a LOT of people using it with Rails),
> and releases and new features aren't coming as quickly by comparison.
> Both have passionate individuals extending, contributing to, and using
> them.
> But all that could change in, seemingly, seconds. The community could
> take against a direction jQuery goes. A new library could appear that
> takes over the world, pushing both Prototype and jQuery to the
> sidelines. A megasponsor could decide that Prototype is the bee's
> knees and hire people to work on it full-time.
> If you review the replies in this thread, there's a clear theme: Teach
> fundamentals, not libraries. JavaScript is a rich and very powerful
> language that probably doesn't quite work the way your students think
> it does. Make sure they understand it. Make sure they understand the
> DOM -- not necessarily the details of the DOM API beyond a few basics,
> but the fundamentals of elements and trees and nodes and documents.
> Teach them how browsers work, and the nature and consequences (and
> advantages) of asynchronous communication between client and server.
> Teach them about JSON and basic XML. Teach them to seek, and read,
> details from primary sources like the ECMAScript specification, the
> various DOM specs, the CSS spec, the HTML5 spec, etc., rather than
> relying on meta-sources like w3schools (*shudder*).
> Do that, they'll have no trouble picking up any library they want to
> with just a couple of hours' work reading the API docs, kicking around
> the related tags on StackOverflow or the discussion group for the lib,
> and tinkering.
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> On Mar 24, 11:09 am, "Ali.MD" <alimihando...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> thank you very much
>> my question about future
>> jQuery and prototype and some other javascript library is similar to
>> each other
>> I can not find a significant difference between them. is that right ?
>> a agree jquery is better to teach. and we must to teach other
>> javascript library with jQuery
>> I'm worried about the future
>> What the future will be Prototype and script.aculo.us
>> if my future developers want to choose only one library.
>> Which should we choose for future ? and why ?
>> i dont worry about plugins and extensions because we can use all of
>> them together  ;)

T.J., where do I sign up? I like your style. When I was first exposed
to a GUI environment, the first thing I was taught, beyond everything
else regarding app and the tools, was how to use the help system.

Without doubt, a first principles approach will allow new developers
to bypass a lot of the dead-end techniques that come from not having
the bigger picture in mind.


Richard Quadling
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