ok ... So T.J. I know you not have the ultimate decision for designate
a candidate for any position at Prototype community but certanly you
are the most near with the core team. So I would like to know if you
could email one of them and try to start designate person for
revitalize this community... I have a good widgets base with prototype
and I could build more... that's not a problem... but we need to
designate a OFFICIAL Site for hosted documentation and more important
EXAMPLES. scripteka is a good place to fine this, BUT doesn't have any
space for comments or is NOT organice in a way where you can easy find
the widget you are expect or more important ask to the community where
to find it or maybe build it by more experience developer,

I think is why jquery have grow that huge beside of the money behind
it. Cause a lot of designers with a lack knowledge of javascript can
use it... happend with php vs java... and a lot more examples out
there, We have to reinvent the way of how we communicate prototype...
to everybody out there!!!!

So please talk with them, I have a fully compromise for work with this
project a least 1 year... and this is because I explote my javascript
knowledge because this framework... and care about it.


On 27 sep, 08:58, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
> On Sep 27, 2011, at 12:00 AM, Marty Amberg wrote:
> > One more thing.  Chevy and Ford and Honda, make lots of cars but that does 
> > not mean they produce the best vehicles.   It be much for fun driving a 
> > Ferrari  and they don't make as many.  The point being, just cause 
> > something is popular does not mean its the best and there are a lot of 
> > other frameworks out there..
> One talking point that got trotted out lots of times during the Dark Ages of 
> Macintosh vs. Windows was that cockroaches were the largest population in 
> numbers, but you wouldn't want one to write you a sonnet.
> Walter

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