Might have been asleep during my previous google searches but I found tj's site http://proto-scripty.wikidot.com today which seems like answers questions of what I would want and think prototype needs to grow. No sense in reinventing something that is there which is what I ahd posted before. A place for solid examples and other useful things.

On 9/29/2011 9:43 PM, ncubica wrote:
ok ... So T.J. I know you not have the ultimate decision for designate
a candidate for any position at Prototype community but certanly you
are the most near with the core team. So I would like to know if you
could email one of them and try to start designate person for
revitalize this community... I have a good widgets base with prototype
and I could build more... that's not a problem... but we need to
designate a OFFICIAL Site for hosted documentation and more important
EXAMPLES. scripteka is a good place to fine this, BUT doesn't have any
space for comments or is NOT organice in a way where you can easy find
the widget you are expect or more important ask to the community where
to find it or maybe build it by more experience developer,

I think is why jquery have grow that huge beside of the money behind
it. Cause a lot of designers with a lack knowledge of javascript can
use it... happend with php vs java... and a lot more examples out
there, We have to reinvent the way of how we communicate prototype...
to everybody out there!!!!

So please talk with them, I have a fully compromise for work with this
project a least 1 year... and this is because I explote my javascript
knowledge because this framework... and care about it.


On 27 sep, 08:58, Walter Lee Davis<wa...@wdstudio.com>  wrote:
On Sep 27, 2011, at 12:00 AM, Marty Amberg wrote:

One more thing.  Chevy and Ford and Honda, make lots of cars but that does not 
mean they produce the best vehicles.   It be much for fun driving a Ferrari  
and they don't make as many.  The point being, just cause something is popular 
does not mean its the best and there are a lot of other frameworks out there..
One talking point that got trotted out lots of times during the Dark Ages of 
Macintosh vs. Windows was that cockroaches were the largest population in 
numbers, but you wouldn't want one to write you a sonnet.


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