O Mércores, 12 de Xuño de 2002 ás 03:39:22 -0700, Paul Eggert escribía:

> Thanks for the translation.  One small point: the msgid "(C)" should
> be translated to a copyright symbol if it exists in the translated
> charset, as is done in en_GB.po.

 Yes, I thought that it might be the case, but as there was no accompanying
comment, I just left it as-is.

> Is there any way I can insert a comment automatically in the .po file
> so that this is more obvious to other translators?  I seem to recall
> that there used to be a way to do this by putting special comments in
> the original .c source file.

 It seems that you can do it by adding -c or --add-comments to your xgettext
invocation. That way if there's a comment in the same line as a keyword or
in the one just preceding it, it'll be included in the POT file. You can set
a keyword so that only comments containing that keyword will be included,
with -cTAG or --add-comments=TAG

 As soon as I regain access to my computer at home I will update the PO file
and upload.

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