Ola, por se non o sabiades a tradución de openSuse cambiou de
ferramenta. Debido a certos problemas que viñan ocorrendo decidiron
rescribila usando Django. A interface cambiou un chisco, así que
exploradea un pouco antes de facer unha desfeita.

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From: Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gar...@free.fr>
List-Post: proxecto@trasno.net
Date: Tue, May 26, 2009 at 9:34 PM
Subject: [opensuse-translation] V2G tool replaced by Vertaal
To: OS-trans <opensuse-translat...@opensuse.org>

Hi all,

It seems that V2G have been replaced by Vertaal :

This new tool seems to be good. But all accounts were not migrated...
Only 5 people of the French team (plus me) are present on the new
server. Maybe other teams are affected. Is it possible to solve this
problem, please?



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