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[Cambridge online dictionary]
>mangle verb
>/ˈmæŋ.gl ̩/ v
>[T often passive] to destroy something by twisting it with force or tearing
> it into pieces so that its original form is completely changed My sweater
> got mangled in the washing machine.
>His arm was mangled in the machine.
>[T] If you mangle a speech or a piece of written work, you make so many
> mistakes that you completely spoil it As he read the poem out loud, he
> mangled the rhythm so badly that it scarcely made any sense. mangled
>/ˈmæŋ.gl ̩d/ adj
>All that remains of yesterday's car crash is a pile of mangled metal.

e o que di Javier, a única metáfora similar que se me ocorre en galego para 
isto é "esfaragullar, esmigallar": pero non o vexo moi acaido

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