Outro produto no que estamos entre os primeiros:

We are in full court press to get Moblin 2.1 ready, and that includes its 
availability in 12+ languages. There has been a tremendous response from the 
community in helping to get Moblin translated, and I'd like to publicly 
acknowledge the following contributors:

. Milo Casagrande (Italian)
. Cheng-Chia Tseng (Chinese)
. Auke Kok (Dutch)
. Andrzej Zaborowski (Polish)
. Ceyhun Alyesil (Turkish)
. Xos? Calvo (Galician)
. Og B. Maciel (Brazilian Portuguese)
. Timo Jyrinki (Finnish)
. Andika Triwidada (Indonesian)
. A S Alam (Punjabi)
. Gil Forcada (Catalan)
. Mikel Pascual Aldabaldetreku (Basque)


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