Isto de "auto aloxados" "aloxados en si mesmo" como que non encaixa.
Supporting self hosted Laconica websites.


Micro-blogging client with support for various notification systems and
various configurable settings. For example:
 * Supporting micro-blogging service.
 * Supporting micro-blogging service.
  (Using its Twitter compatible API)
 * Supporting self hosted Laconica websites.
  (Using its Twitter compatible API)
 * Supporting User + His/Her Friends time-lines.
 * Supporting @Reply time-lines.
 * Support for send and receive direct messages.
 * integration.
 * Supporting Multiple Accounts simultaneously.
 * Supporting search APIs for all services.
 * KWallet integration.
 * Ability to make a quick tweet with global shortcuts. (Ctrl+Meta+T)
 * Ability to notify user about new statuses text, with KNotification or
 * Support for shortening urls with more than 30 characters.(shorten on
 * Support for configuring status lists appearance.
Por favor, non me envíe documentos con extensións .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx,
.ppt, .pptx

Calquera documento que non sexa conforme ós estándares internacionais ISO
(ODF -odt, odp, ods etc.-, PDF, ...) hanse enviar directamente ó lixo :/

Podes atoparme en GTalk e máis en e na sala

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