I installed psad 2.1.7 from downloaded tar into my openSuse 10.3.
I also installed all supplied deps.
It I start psad, it failes with following msg:

/etc/init.d/psad start
Starting psad: Undefined subroutine &main::LOG_DAEMON called at /usr/sbin/psad 
line 9443.

make test for Unix-Syslog runs OK:
make test
Testing facilities
LOG_KERN             ok 19
LOG_USER             ok 20
LOG_MAIL             ok 21
LOG_DAEMON           ok 22
LOG_AUTH             ok 23
LOG_SYSLOG           ok 24
LOG_LPR              ok 25
LOG_NEWS             ok 26
*** Test results: 52 tests of 54 passed!

So LOG_DAEMON seems to be installed.
Can you please tell me whats wrong?

regards robert 
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