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If i were doing it i'd use 4 mechanically independent servos. I estimate
the reliability of doing this is about 1/2 of the single servo system
being proposed. (Can we put the cool linkage drawing on the wiki page?)

Despite the reduced reliability, i still think the 4 independent scheme
is a winner.

  * Reliability is still very high

  * Mechanically ready for full flight control

  * Mechanically simpler

  * Same system that must be developed down the road anyway

In the 4 independent scheme, the servos must be individually trimmed. To
do this i would consider an absolute magnetic shaft encoder:


There is firmware involved in slaving the servos, which has reliability
implications, however, we need to evolve some best practices on this

Mechanical stops can be added to the servo design to limit the potential
for damage in the event of servo or controller malfunction.

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