Do we have a generator? I have a huge drill that will put them in fast. All we need is a socket.

Dave, can you get a socket that will work in a 1/2" drill chuck?


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That would work perfectly... I copied my list from the last launch to the
wiki,  so we can start
accumulating stuff there...

I was a little worried about the sand screws last time... I will say, it
managed to hold up the tower with roughly 350lbs of humans hanging from the
top of the tower, so it couldn't have been that bad... I wouldn't mind an
electric impact wrench for driving in those sand screws though. Manually
putting those in with a breaker bar was a pain...

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I have some pink survey tape that might work. It is somewhat small but
visible. Who is keeper of the prep list?  Do we need to re-evaluate the sand
screws as well?
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