When trying to compile some ADC bits and pieces, I get the following error:

main.o: In function `ADCtestTask':
/home/user/freertos-5.1.2-lpc23xx/BlinkyLightSample/main.c:198: undefined
reference to `configureADCPort'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [BlinkyLightSample.elf] Error 1

I have a similar directory, include and makefile setup for the GPIO stuff,
and as far as I can tell they all match.  The GPIO commands compile and work
just fine.
This should show up in the latest commit to the 5.1.2Testing branch of the
LPC2368 code.

Also, I could use a few pointers on getting that interworking thing set up.
If I read what Dave said earlier correctly, then I will have to recompile
the GCC libs, but I could have that all munged up...

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