Can someone from the avionics and/or software list answer Jacob's
question?  I think James Perkins found the 2.6 code for the flight
computer, but I'm not sure where he found it.

Please keep Jacob on the CC, as he isn't subscribed to the mailing
lists.  (Jacob, if you would like to subscribe to our lists, you can do
so at

Sarah Sharp

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Great talking to you too. Looks like you can download the linux BSP from
freescale/Metrowerks, but I guess it is for the reference board instead
of TQM5200.
Looking at the TQM linux manual, looks like it uses ELDK 2.4 kernel I
guess that is what is working. But where did you get the 2.6 code base,
is it from the freescale BSP?


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>Hi Jacob,
>Here's a link to the rocketry group's flight computer page:
>We're using an MPC5200, although we'd be interested in other PPC chips
>if they meet our requirements:
>It was great talking with you!
>Sarah Sharp

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