Please correct me if I get any quoting below wrong, it seems to have
come through a bit confused.

[Steve Holden]
> For Heaven's sake. We elect a board to look after these issues. You
> can't expect to second-guess every deliberation. If you want to do
> that, stand for the board.

[Karl Karsten]
> I have no idea what the individual board members think. Even when
> there is a unanimous vote, I still don't know why they voted that
> way.

I too think it's legitimate for members to want to know not just the
"what" but also the "why".

[Steve Holden]
> Because that's what they thought would be in the Foundation's best
> interests.

The PSF is a pretty big organization now. (Though I don't seem to be
able to find a recent budget to see just how big. Is that a fault in
my searching?)

I think that members could have an interest in something more than
belief in good intentions. The same good intentions can lead
different people to different conclusions.

I bet even Perl programmers have good intentions!


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