Hello all,

I don’t mean to derail the discussion on board transparency, but I 
felt I could not let these particular comments go by:

>> I bet even Perl programmers have good intentions!
> They are good at hiding it.

In my opinion, these comments are disrespectful and not inclusive.

I know how it seems fun to poke at other languages. I personally 
have written Perl code in the past, and strongly dislike it. However,
that doesn’t mean Perl programmers have any less worth. If we make 
it seem as if the Python community considers Perl programmers lesser 
people/programmers, we are making our community unwelcome to people 
that have made different technology choices, or even are unable to
make different choices.

I assume that these comments were meant as non-malicious jokes. But
that made it especially important for me to draw attention to the
effects they can have. So that we can help our community be 
inclusive to everyone :)

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