10 anos é muito mais razoável do que 3 ou 5 como quer o partido pirata.

Nelson Ferraz wrote:
> Palavras do Richard Stallman sobre o assunto:
> "One important dimension of copyright is its duration, which is now
> typically on the order of a century. Reducing the monopoly on copying to
> ten years, starting from the date when a work is published, would be a
> good first step. Another aspect of copyright, which covers the making of
> derivative works, could continue for a longer period. (...)
> Why ten years? Because that is a safe proposal; we can be confident on
> practical grounds that this reduction would have little impact on the
> overall viability of publishing today. In most media and genres,
> successful works are very profitable in just a few years, and even
> successful works are usually out of print well before ten. Even for
> reference works, whose useful life may be many decades, ten-year
> copyright should suffice: updated editions are issued regularly, and
> many readers will buy the copyrighted current edition rather than copy a
> ten-year-old public domain version.
> Ten years may still be longer than necessary; once things settle down,
> we could try a further reduction to tune the system. At a panel on
> copyright at a literary convention, where I proposed the ten-year term,
> a noted fantasy author sitting beside me objected vehemently, saying
> that anything beyond five years was intolerable."
> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/misinterpreting-copyright.html
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