Hi, Concerning Elastic audio quantization again. Do you think the folowing could make any sense?

1. Change the desired track for editing  from sample to ticks;

2.  set elastic audio to polyphonic or accordingly;

3.  under track view change the view to warp;

4.  go to the transport cluster, under  midi change the tempo;

5. And,  Make sure the conductor track isn’t selected.

This is where thinks turned wicky , because if I disable conductor track and insert a new tempo, it seems to do nothing. Although, in the end some tracks were crazy out of rithym, as if it was quantized.

For what I check on youtube tutorials, I understood that it's possible to auto quantize with Elastic audio, however I'm having issues understanding what I'm doing wrong, I mean , I'm changing audio but not the right way until now.

Anybody already manage to auto quantize audio? Or like was more or less already mentioned, it's only possible to speed it up or slow it down?!

Thanks in advance, Rui Vilarinho

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