Is it possible to download, not just play, the audio tutorial?

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>Here’s an important new development for our community. A new free product 
>specifically designed for blind users of Pro Tools has been released today and 
>it’s called Flo Tools. Point your browsers at
> <>
>and get these free scripts for Pro Tools and, yes, we said, “scripts for Pro 
>Tools.” You’ll need Keyboard Maestro to trigger them. These are scripts that 
>perform and automate certain tasks and provide feedback through VoiceOver. 
>Everything you need to know can be found at the web site. There’s a detailed 
>Read Me file plus an “Intro to Flo Tools” mp3. This open source project will 
>transform the way blind users use Pro Tools. Since it’s open source, other 
>programmers can get involved and who knows what this might eventually lead to 
>but, right now, it’s the most exciting development in Pro Tools accessibility 
>this community has seen in years. Flo Tools is brought to you by Chi Kim, 
>Rocco Fiorentino and Slau Halatyn.
>The Flo Tools Team

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