I've just set up a Mac Mini with the latest PT and FT. However, if I create 
a new session from any of the stock templates, I get an error indicating 
that some required AAX plugs are missing. I've found an article that 
describes steps for solving this as a sighted user (i.e. check the inserts 
for each track to see what they're trying to use, then validate that the 
plug-in is where it is supposed to be), but I want to check that my FT 
method is correct. If I query the inserts for each track, I hear the name 
of the plug-in, which is great. However, I have one track using an organ 
instrument where the plug-in is described as "disabled". Obviously, this 
looks like my bad plug-in, but I wanted to check that "disabled" means that 
there's a problem and not that it means something like "frozen", etc.. I'd 
greatly appreciate any advice on this, so thanks in advance.

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