I know this has been discussed before, but I'm seeming to not be able to get 
this to work.

Hopefully, one of you all can tell me step by step the process to make this 

In ProTools, here's what we got going here.

I've got the song She's Not Cryin' Anymore by Billy Ray Cyrus, which I've 
arranged totally by hand from scratch.

For those of you who don't know the structure of this song, it's OK. I'm gonna 
explain, don't worry.

The song is your basic slow country 4/4 signature song which I am doing in the 
key of B mager. Don't ask why not C. That's irrelavent.

Anyway, I'm doing the song with an 84BPM constant tempo. That is...

Up until the very very last tag of the song. The ending where he repeats the 

There's a smile upon her face, a new one takes my place, she's not cryin' 

On the word any more, on more, specifically, the song ends by going to the root 
chord which of corse is B, then to the 4, which is E, then back down to a 
single held B chord to end the song.

What happens here is once that bar hits, which is at bar 77, and carries to the 
end of the song at bar 78, so basically, those last two bars of the song, there 
is a retard. So, normally, again, the song is at 84BPM. What I want is starting 
at bar 77, and finnishing the whole rest of the session, I want the tempo to 
constantly drop from the constant 84BPM down to 64BPM.

Yes, I do have a click track in this song, and I have ProTools set to give me a 
2 bar count in. Note that this count in is not actually recorded into the song. 
I'm using numpad 7 to turn on the click track, then numpad 8 to toggle on the 
count in.

Any help with this would be appreciated. In the long run, I'm gonna have to 
teach my student how to do this. So, better I learn now, before we get to that 
point, that way, I'm prepared.


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