The editors of the [manifest] spec have now closed all substantive issues for  

The spec defines the following:

* A link relationship for manifests (so they can be used with <link 

* A standard file name for a manifest resource ("/.well-known/manifest.json"). 
Works the same as "/favicon.ico" for when <link rel=manifest> is missing.

* The ability to point to a "start-url". 

* Basic screen orientation hinting for when launching a web app.

* Launch the app in different display modes: fullscreen, minimal-ui, open in 
browser, etc.

* A way of for scripts to check if the application was launched from a bookmark 
(i.e., similar to Safari's navigator.standalone).

* requestBookmark(), which is a way for a top-level document to request it be 
bookmarked by the user. To not piss-off users, requires explicit user action to 
actually work. Expect <button>install my app</button> everywhere on the Web now 

If you are wondering where some missing feature is, it's probably slated for 
[v2]. The reason v1 is so small is that it's all we could get agreement on 
amongst implementers (it's a small set, but it's a good set to kick things off 
and get us moving... and it's a small spec, so easy to quickly read over).  

We would appreciate your feedback on this set of features - please file [bugs] 
on GitHub. We know it doesn't fully realize *the dream* of installable web apps 
- but it gets us a few steps closer. 

If we don't get any significant objections, we will request to transition to LC 
in a week or so. 
[v2] see goals for v2,

Marcos Caceres

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