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> On Sunday, February 16, 2014, Alex Russell <slightly...@google.com> wrote:
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> tl;dr: I strongly agree (and data below shows) that installable web apps 
> without offline capabilities are essentially useless.
> Things currently specified in the manifest are supposed to help make these 
> apps less useless (as I said in the original email, they by no means give us 
> "the dream" of installable web apps, just one little step closer) - even if 
> we had SW tomorrow, we would still need orientation, display mode, start URL, 
> etc.
> So yes, SW and manifest will converge... questions for us to decide on is 
> when? And if appcache can see us through this transitional period to having 
> SW support in browsers? I believe we can initially standardize a limited set 
> of functionality, while we continue to wait for SW to come into fruition 
> which could take another year or two.
> SW will becoming to chrome ASAP. We're actively implementing. Jonas or Nikhil 
> can probably provide more Mozilla context.
> I'm also interested in the WebKit and Microsoft context. I just don't know 
> who to ask there. Have their been any public signals of their level of 
> interest in SW? 

In general I think it's a good idea and I bet many other WebKit folks do too. 
We haven't yet had a chance to review thoroughly but I expect we'll like the 
general principles. I personally would like to see it become an official draft 
of the Working Group if it isn't already (the Publication Status page implies 
not, but perhaps I have missed something). If it is being actively implemented, 
it would be great to publish it as a Working Draft also, so we can get the IPR 
disclosures out of the way.


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