Hi, Art–

There are different approaches that could be taken, but one concrete implementation in JavaScript is from the Hypothes.is Annotator [1].



On 4/22/14 9:04 AM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
Hi Doug,

Do you have some prior art/work for this functionality (that could help
people get a bit deeper understanding of the proposal)?

All - if you have any feedback - both positive/+1 or negative - please
do speak up by April 25 at the latest.

-Thanks, AB

On 4/18/14 3:45 PM, Doug Schepers wrote:
Hi, folks–

I'd like to ask for feedback on the notion of adding "addressable
ranges" to the WebApps WG charter.

There are a set of use cases for being able to link to a specific
passage of text in a document, which has a number of what I consider
hard problems:
* the passage might cross element boundaries
* someone linking into the document usually doesn't have write access
to the document such that they can insert permanent markers into the text
* documents might change: the passage may have moved, been slightly
altered, or even been completely removed
* many other considerations (including single-page vs. multi-page
versions of the same document, near-duplicates of the document at
different URLs, etc.)

I bring this to the WebApps WG for a couple reasons:
* there are related deliverables and discussions already underway,
including the new Selections API work from Niwa, the Clipboard API
work, and the discussions around a Find API
* if this is ever going to happen, this is the right community of
developers and browser vendors to discuss the different challenges and

This work might take a while before we consider it ready for serious
consideration for implementation and deployment in browsers, but I'd
like to start the conversation now so we can keep this in mind while
developing related features, and build toward some tangible outcome in
the not-too-distant future.

Because finding a solution to this would be a major goal of the
proposed Web Annotations WG, it would be nice if this could be a joint
deliverable of both groups. While we propose to have the conversation
on public-webapps (for the widest and most critical review), the Web
Annotations WG will provide an Editor and a Test Lead, and we would
prefer to have a co-Editor from WebApps.


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