Hi, Art–

Following on from the discussion at the AC, here is my suggested wording:

Robust Anchoring API

Defines APIs for finding, addressing, and linking to a document selection based on a set of selectors, even when the document has changed. This may be a joint deliverable with the proposed Web Annotations WG.

The timeline is for a FPWD in Q2-2015, with a Rec in Q4-2016; this needs some development, though I hope we can make good progress.

The group liaison could be:

Web Annotations Working Group
This proposed group is interested in several of WebApps' specifications, as well as having a joint deliverable (Robust Anchoring API).

We have resources to work on this deliverable, including an editor. This deliverable is being added for consideration by the AC during review; if not accepted by the AC, then the Web Annotations WG will work on it alone, but I'd rather it were developed under the eyes of the WebApps WG.

Any other details you need?


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On 4/25/14 8:44 AM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
On 4/22/14 9:40 AM, Doug Schepers wrote:
Hi, Art–

There are different approaches that could be taken, but one concrete
implementation in JavaScript is from the Hypothes.is Annotator [1].


OK, so at this point, I think it would be helpful if you would please
provide a diff or a PR against
(<http://afbarstow.github.io/WebApps/charter.html>) so we can evaluate
your specific proposal.

Doug - are you going to provide a diff? Without a relatively firm
commitment from WebApps, my inclination is to not add this to the charter.

Philippe - what is the next step to get WebApps re-chartered (current
charter expires May 31)?

-Thanks, AB

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