On Monday, 8 September 2014 at 20:55, Johannes Wilm wrote:
> If we include deletion/backspace and input text, that will then also mean 
> merging of paragraphs (and other nodes) when the caret is at the beginning of 
> a second paragraph and the backspace key is being hit?  

Definitely. It’s all about that. About writing specs that will tell how these 
cases should be handled, possibly coupled with ready to use unit tests.  

> To me it's fine if inputting text/backspace is being included, as long as 
> browser makers believe they will have the time and resources to fix the 
> actual text editing part. That to me seems to be the most broken thing about 
> the whole thing currently.
> If they on the other hand say they have no time for any of this (as not 
> having fixed bugs in this area for some years might indicate) I would be OK 
> with them leaving the input/deletion/undo history part out.  
I don’t think that browsers having time/will for it today is a good 
argumentation for not doing it. The specs have a critical and noble scope, of 
serving as reference for the future of the web. We’re talking about the future 
after all.  

For instance, we can also predict that, if browser for any reason will not 
implement the specs, a js solution could take place, normalizing the behavior 
of browsers based on the specs. As long as Intention events will take place, 
this would be certainly doable.

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