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> Folks,
> Many specs nowadays opt for a more imperative method of expressing
> normative requirements, and using algorithms. For example, both HTML and
> DOM spec do the "run following steps" list that looks a lot like
> pseudocode, and the Web components specs use their own flavor of
> prose-pseudo-code.
> I wonder if it would be good the pseudo-code would actually be ES6, with
> comments where needed?
> I noticed that the CSS Color Module Level 4 actually does this, and it
> seems pretty nice:
> http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css-color/#dom-rgbcolor-rgbcolorcolor

I love the idea of specifying algorithms in something other than English.
But I'm afraid that ECMAScript is not a good language for this purpose, for
the same reasons Boris cites in his response (which arrived as I was typing

- Adam

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