On Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 10:31 AM, Mike West <mk...@google.com> wrote:
> The "Upgrade Insecure Requests" specification[1] references the WHATWG HTML
> spec for the
> "set up a worker environment settings object" algorithm[2], as the Web
> Workers Candidate Recommendation from May 2012[3] substantially predates the
> entire concept of a "settings object", and because the WHATWG is the group
> where work on Workers seems to be being done.
> This referential choice was flagged during a discussion of transitioning the
> Upgrade spec to CR, where it was noted that the Web Workers editor's draft
> from May 2014 does contain the referenced concept[4].
> It seems appropriate, then, to bring the question to this group: does
> WebApps intend to update the Workers draft in TR? If so, is there a path
> forward to aligning the Workers document with the work that's happened over
> the last year and a half in WHATWG? Alternatively, does WebApps intend to
> drop work on Workers in favor of the WHATWG's document?

Agreed with Hixie; the WHATWG spec is the most recent normative
version of that section, and should be referenced instead.  Remember,
there's nothing wrong with reffing WHATWG specs.  It will not delay or
hamper your publication or Rec-track advancement, despite the
occasional misinformed complaint from someone not aware of the


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