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>> On 9/21/15 5:54 AM, Ms2ger wrote:
>>> Why?
>> I think the rationale was mentioned in
>> <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webapps/2015JulSep/0367.html>.
> Ms2ger made a valid point. Workers is actively being updated (I
> submitted two PRs the other day, more to come). If you don't want to
> get out-of-sync you won't get to REC in the foreseeable future. It
> therefore is likely a waste of time for someone to volunteer to
> copy-and-paste text that is unstable.

Thanks for explaining the situation :)

If the spec is still changing frequently, indeed it isn't a good idea to 
publish another CR… but the WebApps WG needs to clearly tell the community that 
the 2012 CR should be considered obsolete. 

I’d suggest that we publish a WD for Workers, which adapts to the current 
changes and revise the 2012 CR. The community is encouraged to refer to either 
the WHATWG version or the new WD. 


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