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    ​there's nothing wrong with reffing WHATWG specs.  It will not delay
    ​ or hamper​

    publication or Rec-track advancement, despite the
    ​ occasional misinformed​

    complaint from someone not aware of the
    ​ ​

​When the complaint comes from the office of the Director we have to
assume it's going to hamper us whether or not they are misinformed.

To be clear here: the point made was that the Web Application Security group never asked for a review from the Web Applications working group prior to asking for transition to CR. As a consequence, the WebApps group did not get an opportunity to review the Upgrade Insecure Resources specification [1], including the reference related to Web Workers. As a reminder, there is an expectation that the specification has received wide review prior to the publication of a Candidate Recommendation.


[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/upgrade-insecure-requests/

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