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> As a reminder: the proposed agenda for the meeting is to go through the 
> “needs consensus” items posted at 
>  It sounds like it would be good to resolve pending Shadow DOM issues before 
> tackling Custom Elements issues.

I spent some time organizing these "needs consensus" issues into a 
category/priority list. Let's try to go in this order (which interleaves SD and 

## Definitely needs discussion

* [SD] should we use `display: 
* [CE] caching vs. late 
binding of lifecycle callbacks

## Discussion would be good; still contentious/tricky

* [SD] 
`document.currentScript` censoring
* [SD] use CSS containment 
features by default
* [CE] integrating callback 
invocation with IDL and editing operations

## New feature proposals

* [CE] provide a mechanism for 
adding default/"UA" styles to a custom element
* [SD] `slotchange` event

## Discussion would be good, but there's likely a default consensus based on 
GitHub discussions so far

* [SD] parse `<slot>` like 
* [Both] restrict to secure 
* [CE] define order for 
attributeChangedCallback invocations

## Bikeshedding; probably does not need telecom time

* [SD] rename getAssignedNodes 
and assignedSlot
* [CE] rename "custom tag" and 
"type extension"

See you all in a few!

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